I absolutely love, love, love Christmas!

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I absolutely love, love, love Christmas!  

I start writing my gift list for the children and family months in advance and the list just grows from there.  I tend to set a budget for Ruby and Flynn with 1 main present each and then a few toys and clothes under the tree.  The worst bit is having to wait up for excited Children to fall asleep so that the Santa sack can be snuck in, sometimes I give up waiting and go to bed, then set the alarm to go off around 3am!

I’ve been a bit stuck this year with gifts ideas so I have been enjoying the Christmas catalogues that have been coming out.  Check out this great shopping guide in the OHBaby! Magazine for some inspiration, http://ohba.by/2A2QzcR

Our dainty LoveHeart necklaces are the perfect gift for any age, and starting from just $89 they make a great stocking filler and like all of our necklaces they come in our gorgeous LoveLoops jewellery box.


I really enjoy having Christmas at home and I get great pleasure in planning the menu (also done weeks in advance).  We always have a Christmas lunch which includes Ham on the bone, various salads and whatever we have growing in our garden – new potatoes, beetroot, beans, peas, pumpkin.  Although I love preparing our lunch I don’t like being stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying their presents and beverages or swimming in the pool.  I make sure my menu is focused on food that can be prepared in advance then all that leaves is the ham to cook, veggies on the boil and a tasty platter to whip up on the day.

We always have a real tree and it is a family tradition that we must all go to pick it.   When it comes to decorating the tree I’m happy for the kids to help out, I don’t worry about how ornaments are placed, I let the kids go wild (and no I don’t go back and re arrange everything).

Often Mum’s are so busy looking after everyone else at this time of year they forget that Christmas is for them too!  Make sure you spoil yourself this Christmas or leave a hint with hubby and the kids to make sure they know you would love a LoveLoop this Christmas. It doesn’t matter how big or small your family is there are options for everyone.  You can have as many Loops as you like when looped straight onto the chain or up to five when attached to a link.

Adria is wearing our Darling set in yellow gold.


Darling 9 carat yellow gold LoveLoop and chain set

Our LoveLoops aren’t just for the people we love, they also symbolise the love we have for our four-legged friends; the perfect way to celebrate the unbreakable bond we have with our ponies or pets.  What a great Christmas gift idea, our PonyLoops collection includes our new PonyLoops jewellery boxes.


LoveLoops PonyLoops Delight sterling silver set

I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas and are lucky enough to spend it with family. 

Bring on summer!

Lots of love Maree x

Merry Christmas from LoveLoops engraved in NZ from precious metals

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6 unique ways to celebrate Mother’s Day

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Flowers and chocolates are a good ol’ fashioned favourite for almost every occasion (think Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries) – but what about something a bit outside of the square, something more unique… something your Mum will actually remember? We’ve put together a list of our favourites to help you celebrate with your Mum this Mother’s Day.


  1. Homemade cards

Another oldie but a goodie, homemade cards are super sentimental, a fun activity for Dad to do with the kids and will put a massive smile on Mum’s face.


  1. Start a new tradition – take a family photo

Every Mum loves a family photo, and how often do you pause to get everyone in the same spot at the same time? Why not make it a new tradition, every year rally the family and get them all in the photo (might need a refresher on how to work the self-timer on the camera) and each year your Mum will get an updated family photo to hang on the wall.


  1. A new family heirloom

Get your Mum something that will be treasured for generations to come – a stunning LoveLoop to commemorate the bond with her children makes the perfect gift. Personalised and adaptable for all of life’s new additions.


  1. Breakfast in bed

A traditional Sunday cook up or a simple bowl of muesli – your choice but don’t skimp on the trimmings to make it extra special! Orange juice and coffee is a must, with a handpicked flower in a jar of water on the side of the tray that will really makes mum’s day.


  1. Slave for a day

Mum runs around after you 364 days of the year (or 365 if it’s a leap year!) so why not give her a rest today… from everything! All those jobs that mum would normally do for you – cooking, washing, vacuuming – now is your time to shine!


  1. Scrapbook a page for your mum

Feeling crafty? Combine photos and memories of you and Mum into a beautiful scrapbook for her to treasure. You could add to it each year with new memories as another new family tradition.


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Trending Baby Names 2017

Posted by Trudie Scott-Walker on

Here at LoveLoops we engrave so many baby names that we think we have a pretty good idea of the names we'll see trending in New Zealand and Australia in 2017. These may not be the most common names this year, but the names that are becoming more popular. It's an interesting mix of classic names and newer twists. Here are our predictions:
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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Mums of Three

Posted by Trudie Scott-Walker on

Mums of three, you're going to Love this post as it's just for you! Learn all about the best options for you to create your very own LoveLoops Necklace!

1. Adore Necklace Set / From NZ$289

This best selling set is made up of one of our larger LoveLoops, our Oval Link, and a LoveLoops chain. Engrave all three names of your children around the Loop, birth dates can be added on the back! This example features our 18ct gold engraving which is available with any LoveLoop. Adore also available in solid yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

2. Silver LoveHeart Trio Necklace / NZ$209

The brand new LoveLoops LoveHeart Trio Necklace in solid Sterling Silver, engraved simply and elegantly worn on our delicate round cable chain. Our LoveHearts are tiny and dainty, each at 7mm wide. One LoveHeart represents each of your children. Also available in solid yellow, rose or white gold, or a mixture of all three! 


3. Blossom Necklace Set / From NZ$619

Our best selling triple-Loop set features Large, Little, and Petite LoveLoops, a Square Link and a LoveLoops chain. This is a beautifully proportioned and very popular look. Also available in Silver with Gold Engraving, and solid yellow, rose or white gold.



4. Enchant Necklace Set / From NZ$649

Enchant features our three larger LoveLoops (Large, Medium & Little), our Square Link, and a standard or heavy LoveLoops chain. Engrave the name and birthdate of one of your children on each LoveLoop.  Also available in Silver with Gold Engraving, and solid yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.


If you're planning to add to your family Enchant is a great place to start. Change to a Large Link and add a Mini LoveLoop to create Sparkle. Then add a Petite LoveLoop and you have Dazzle. We add LoveLoops to your existing Links free of charge.

5. Treasure Necklace Set 
/ From NZ$489

A set of three LoveLoops in any combination of sizes worn on a LoveLoops chain. If you add to add to your family, simply purchase additional LoveLoops to add to your chain. Also available in Silver with Gold Engraving, and in solid yellow, rose or white gold, or a mixture of all three!

Still not sure what to get for her?
You can't go wrong with a LoveLoops Gift Voucher!

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Top 4 LoveLoops Gift Ideas for Mums of Two

Posted by Trudie Scott-Walker on

If you're a Mum of two little (or not-so-little) ones, and even if you're planning on more, then this is for you! We'll show you the best options for designing your perfect LoveLoops Necklace!

1. Belle or Delight Necklace Set / From NZ$469

Both Best Sellers, these sets are made up of our Large and Little LoveLoops with a Link and a chain. Delight features our Oval Link which holds one to two LoveLoops. Belle features our Square Link which holds up to three LoveLoops, making it a great option if you plan to add another Loop at some stage. Both sets also available in Silver with Gold Engraving, solid Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold.

2. Silver LoveHeart Duo Necklace / NZ$149

The brand new LoveLoops LoveHeart Duo Necklace in solid Sterling Silver, engraved simply and elegantly with a single letter, worn on our delicate round cable chain. Our LoveHearts are tiny and dainty. Also available in solid Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold.

3.  Cherish Necklace Set / From NZ$349

A simple set perfect for every day wear, made up of two LoveLoops and a LoveLoops chain. This set has lots of potential for adding more LoveLoops as you go. Use Loops of the same or different sizing. Also available in Silver with Gold Engraving, solid Yellow GoldWhite Gold and Rose Gold.

4. Darling Necklace Set / From NZ$229

Made up of a single LoveLoop with a chain of your choice, this necklace set is simple and elegant. Engrave the name and birthdate of one of your children on each face/side of the LoveLoop. At all times one of your precious ones is facing out to the world and the other faces into your heart.  Also available in Silver with Gold Engraving, solid Yellow GoldWhite Gold and Rose Gold.

Hope this was helpful! Please get in touch if you have any questions: loveit@loveloops.co,nz
Have a safe and happy Christmas with some awesome family time and plenty of food, presents and LOVE! Trudie x

Models: My gorgeous girls Esmé & Eden
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