We've compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 

I don't want to order online, are there any other options?

Yes, while LoveLoops are not sold in any retail stores we can take your order over the phone. Within New Zealand call us on 027 326 2366 between 9am and 5pm weekdays to place your order.

International Customers: Please email us at loveit@loveloops.co.nz to place your order.

How much writing will fit on my LoveLoops?

We are highly flexible with engraving and will engrave whatever you ask. The only limitation is that the maximum number of characters is not exceeded. Characters include all letters, numbers, punctuation, and spaces.

Maximum characters allowed:

  • LoveLoops: 35 characters 

The engraving font is a different size on each LoveLoop size so that we can fit 35 characters on any LoveLoop and the proportions remain the same i.e. the LoveLoop is smaller and so is the writing.

Check here for more engraving details.

What are the sizes and dimensions of the LoveLoops?

See our complete size guide here

How much is delivery?

More information on shipping costs

New Zealand | Free
Australia | Free
Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong | NZ$47
USA & Canada | NZ$40
UK & Europe | NZ$44
South Africa | NZ$50

Please note delivery fees are in New Zealand dollars. We ship to other locations by request, please contact us for more details.

How long will my order take?

LoveLoops dispatch within 10 to 15 days business days

Gift Vouchers dispatch immediately

You’ll find up to date dispatch date estimates on our home page. We'll send you an email soon after you place your order with your expected dispatch date and we will contact you again when your order is dispatched. The delivery target within New Zealand is overnight, except to rural areas which require between 2 and 3 business days.

What if I need my LoveLoops order faster for a gift?

Please phone or email us - we may well be able to expedite your order. If we can't get your LoveLoops to you in time, we can email, post or courier you a 'Preview Voucher' that you can gift on the special day. The Voucher gives a description of the LoveLoops which have been ordered and an estimated delivery date. Just request one of these vouchers in the 'Special Requests' box or contact us.

Can I have Plain Engraving or Satin Finish on my LoveHearts?

Yes , just note your requests in the 'Special Requests' box when you fill in your Personalisation Options. Satin finish is available for NZ$15 per LoveHeart

What chain lengths are available?

Our Petite chains come in 40cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55cm lengths. Our Standard and heavy chains come in 45cm, 50cm, 55cm, 60cm and 70cm lengths. LoveHearts chains come in 42cm and 45cm lengths. Please see our size guide for more info. Other lengths are available on request.

Can you help me choose which LoveLoops Link is best for me?

Sure! Check out our Size Guide, if you are still unsure please contact us.

Remember that you do not need to wear your LoveLoops with a Link, you can wear them looped straight over the chain.

Are LoveLoops available in any other metals?

LoveLoops are available in Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. If you are interested in having LoveLoops made in another metal please contact us.

Are LoveLoops available in any other sizes?

Yes, we can custom make LoveLoops in other sizes please contact us with your request.

Can I have an engraving on the other side/face of my LoveLoop?

Yes. Use the tick box in the personalisation options pop-up. 

Where can I see feedback from your customers?

Please visit LoveLoops on Facebook or check out our product reviews across the site.

Are LoveLoops Gift Vouchers Available?

Yes, you can purchase LoveLoops Gift Vouchers here. They make a fabulous gift and allow the recipient to customise their LoveLoops exactly as they want.

Please note: Discount codes do not apply to the purchase of Gift Vouchers or in conjunction with the redemption of an existing Gift Voucher.

Are LoveLoops Made in New Zealand?

Yes! We source our starting materials from within NZ and from trusted suppliers overseas. LoveLoops are finished, engraved and packaged with love here in beautiful New Zealand. LoveLoops is 100% owned and operated in the Bay of Plenty, NZ.

Can I order my LoveLoop without the black enamel in the engraving?

Yes! Just tick the box for 'Plain Engraving' when you are personalising your LoveLoop. Gold LoveLoops come without blackening as a standard, as we believe they look best this way, but we can blacken them if you wish. We can also add or remove blackening to/from LoveLoops at any time.

Can I add engraving to my LoveLoop at a later date?

Yes. You can add engraving at any time. You can order additional engraving here.

How do I go about having a new LoveLoop added to my current Link?

Easy! Just pop a note with your order saying what you need us to do then send your current pendant to us at the address below, with your new order number. We add new LoveLoops to current links free of charge!  Our address is LoveLoops, PO Box 66, Taneatua 3163, Bay of Plenty. Please use NZ Post tracked service or CourierPost. As this is a secure PO Box you don’t need to use a signature required service.

Can I customise LoveLoops however I want?

LoveLoops are highly customisable. Check out our personalisation guide to find out more about all the different ways to you can customise your LoveLoops. 

Can I exchange my LoveLoops if they are not right?

Due to the personalised nature of LoveLoops, returns and exchanges are not possible except where we have made an error or there is a defect. Correct spelling etc. for engraving is the responsibility of the customer; any error made by you and supplied to us cannot be rectified once engraving has taken place. It is the responsibility of the customer to double-check the order confirmation to ensure that all details are correct. Please see our terms and conditions of sale.

LoveLoops Chains and LoveLoops Links may be exchanged within 7 days of receipt of delivery, provided they are returned to us in their original condition. We will refund any differences in pricing if required. Delivery fees may apply.

LoveLoops are of the highest quality, and it is important to us that you LOVE your LoveLoops! So, if you experience any problems at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

I have one child and am planning at least one more, should I get my first LoveLoop now or wait until I've had all my babies?

LoveLoops will remain identical so it is safe to get one now, and then add as many as you need to in the future!

Can I send LoveLoops as a gift?

Yes. We can gift wrap and post to the gift recipient as per the delivery instructions you provide at check out. Gift wrap costs $10.00 and includes silver gift wrap, ribbon with bow, a LoveLoops gift bag and gift card. (All orders come complete in a gorgeous LoveLoops box) . External packing is without any hint of the gorgeousness contained, and invoices are not included with goods.

How should I care for my LoveLoops?

View our full care & cleaning Instructions.

How do LoveLoops Wear?

Sterling Silver naturally wears with time, and the shiny appearance will over time be replaced with a more matt appearance referred to as patina. Patina is the natural effect of use and age on a surface. Tiny, almost imperceptible scratches eventually merge to form a new lustrous finish. A rich patina on fine sterling silver and gold enhances its beauty and character over time. Wear will occur more quickly when one LoveLoop sits atop the other. If you want to minimise this phenomenon please order your LoveLoops with a satin finish, essentially an even layer of wear on the surface. We’ve found that people who wear their LoveLoops 24/7 including in the shower have the cleanest shiniest LoveLoops!

Tarnishing also occurs naturally, and this can be accelerated by chemicals or even moisturisers and sunscreens. Tarnishing (which is easily removed) can significantly worsen the appearance of wear on your LoveLoops so please follow our care and cleaning instructions.

Blackening may fade gradually over time. You can reduce this by following the care instructions, particularly by keeping your loops out of water for the first two weeks after you receive them. In time you may wish to have your engraving re-blackened and we can do this for you for a small fee. Order your engraving re-blackened service here.

How many fonts do you have available?

To keep things simple we provide just a single font.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is an alloy (mixture) of silver containing a minimum of 92.5% by mass of silver with the remaining % by mass of other metals, usually copper. Fine silver (99.9% pure) can be too soft for producing delicate pieces therefore the silver is alloyed with copper to give it strength while preserving the ductility and beauty of the precious metal. Sterling Silver pieces are stamped with 'STG' or '925' markings. LoveLoops silver products do not contain nickel.

What is 9 carat Gold?

Nine carat yellow gold is a metal alloy that contains 37.5% gold, 52.1% copper-zinc and 10.4% silver. Nine carat gold contains a smaller percentage of gold metal than 18ct Gold, is slightly harder wearing than 18ct Gold, and has a more mellow, less yellow, colour. Gold in 9ct will be stamped with the '375' marking.

Nine carat white gold is a metal alloy that contains 37.5% gold in alloy with silver, copper and a white metal such as nickel, manganese or palladium. All white gold has a yellowish hue so it is usually plated with rhodium to give it a very white appearance. We do not plate our LoveLoops in rhodium as we use a very good quality white gold with a low level of hue, and we believe in staying true to the appearance of the metal.

Nine carat rose gold (also known as red gold) is a metal alloy that contains 37.5% gold in alloy with copper.

LoveLoops Discount Code Terms:

Promotional discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or in conjunction with the redemption of an existing Gift Voucher. Promotional discount codes cannot be used for the purchase of Gift Vouchers.