Our Story

LoveLoops was created by Dunedin Mum Trudie Scott-Walker, in 2011. Pregnant with her second child, Trudie was on the search for a timeless and beautiful way to celebrate and symbolise her love for her kids. She wanted something very personal and unique that would represent the bond she has with her daughters, and because it’s intention was to represent something so important to her, it had to look absolutely stunning!

Scouring the internet didn’t result in anything that met the requirements – nothing was just quite right, it had to be perfect! Trudie began to form a clear idea of exactly what it was that she wanted, so scribbling down her idea she approached a manufacturing jeweller to have her bespoke piece made, the very first LoveLoop. She thought to herself, I’m sure other Mum’s would love this just as much as I do… why keep it just for myself?

So from its humble beginnings, over 6 years later, the LoveLoops brand is now worn by hundreds of women all over New Zealand, Australia (and even further afield). Every single piece, as cherished as the first.

Deciding it was time for a change of direction personally Trudie turned her attentions to study, undertaking a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Management late in 2016.

With her life now on a new course, she set about looking for someone to take over the reins. LoveLoops, meaning so much to Trudie, needed just the right influence – A women’s touch, a fellow mum, with a passion for all things beautiful, stylish and unique. All of these things and more were found in Maree Harper in early 2017.

Based rurally in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand, Maree lives with her husband Cliff and their two kids Ruby and Flynn along with their trusty stead Stormy (the horse) and office Dog Beeva.

Maree's intentions are to see LoveLoops continue to be the desired piece of jewellery that symbolises the everlasting bond shared between mothers and their children, husbands and their wives, cherished family members and so much more.



Maree and Family