Our Story

LoveLoops were created by a Kiwi Mum back in 2011 when she was on the search for a timeless and unique way to celebrate and symbolise her growing family. Wanting something personalised and unique that represented the bond she shared with her growing family, it had to look absolutely stunning!

When scouring the internet didn’t result in anything that met the requirements, she set about creating her own piece of jewellery. The very first Loop was handcrafted by a jeweller in the South Island, starting the journey of what was to become LoveLoops. Through sharing this stunning jewellery concept with other Kiwi mums, LoveLoops has become sought after jewellery for women wanting to commemorate their special relationships.

LoveLoops is still privately owned and operated from New Zealand by a kiwi mum – Maree Harper. Based rurally in the Bay of Plenty, Maree lives with her husband Cliff and their two children Ruby and Flynn.  LoveLoops isn't some big corporation, Maree does everything from processing your orders and seeing your loved ones names engraved onto your stunning loops through to hand checking and packing each loop with love into it's courier bag and seeing it sent to you.

The Loops themselves are handcrafted right here in New Zealand (read the story here...) to the very same specifications, so each piece is perfectly matched to the first Loop ever created (perfect for those additions to your growing family).

Our elegant jewellery is truly one of a kind and our pieces are now proudly worn by hundreds of women all over New Zealand, Australia and the world – with every piece being as cherished as that first loop created back in 2011.

LoveLoops are premium quality, exquisite pieces of personalised jewellery that symbolise the everlasting bond shared between mothers and their children, husbands and their wives, cherished family members and so much more.



LoveLoops owner Maree Harper and her family