Our Jewellery

It is important to us that LoveLoops are crafted to the highest standards and composed of the finest quality materials - forming unique pieces of jewellery to be forever treasured. This is why, each piece of our Jewellery is hand crafted right here in New Zealand from solid Sterling Silver or solid 9 carat Gold.

The process of forming the Loops is conducted by hand resulting in a smooth, sleek and elegant finish in preparation for the engraving process.

The precision engraving process is also carried out by hand (as opposed to alternative stamping methods), by master craftsman based in the South Island. The unique finish is achieved by engraving each piece to a specific pattern that ensures the layout of the words and the curvature will be exactly right on each individual piece.

The quality of our LoveLoops is unparalleled making them so very special and timeless.

The symbolism of the Loop is really perfect for representing the bonds we share throughout our lives whether it be between a mother and her child, a husband and his wife or a cherished family member.

For a mother it, carries forth from the connection we have in the womb; the way Mother and Child are linked in the womb is represented by the way the LoveLoop encircles and links directly over the chain.

For a husband and wife, the Loop symbolises the never-ending love and commitment shared between two people, with no beginning and no end.

The Loop also represents the circle of life, the bringing into the world of a new generation or the passing of another, forever held close to our hearts with the name of those most cherished to us inscribed on the Loop.

The symbolism of the Loop is deeply meaningful, which makes LoveLoops feel, as well as look, brilliant to wear.