Engraving Guide

We are highly flexible with engraving and will engrave whatever you ask. The only limitation is that the maximum number of characters is not exceeded. Characters include all letters, numbers, punctuation, and spaces.

Maximum characters allowed:

  • LoveLoops Pendants: All Loop sizes have a maximum of 35 characters 
  • LoveLoops Charms : A maximum of 22 characters


  • Write names and dates exactly as you wish them to appear on your LoveLoop 
  • We will use dots (as pictured) to separate numbers in the date
  • Names and dates will be engraved opposite each other
  • Names without dates will be spaced evenly around the loop
  • If you'd like a more specific layout, tell us in the Special Requests box
  • If we are unsure of how your engraving is to be laid out, we will contact you to check

The engraving font is a different size on each LoveLoop size so that we can fit 35 characters on any LoveLoop and the proportions remain the same i.e. the LoveLoop is smaller and so is the writing. 


You can choose to add one or more of our beautiful LoveArt symbols to your LoveLoop. LoveArt can be added to either face of your LoveLoop and can be included on any of our LoveLoops, in either black, gold or plain engraving. Please note we cannot mix engraving colours on a single LoveLoop.

Our standard LoveArt options include LoveHearts, Stars and Angels. We can also engrave infinity symbols, paw prints, crosses, or koru, for the same price as the standard symbols. Please contact us should you like to add a different unique symbol to your LoveLoop (additional fees may apply).

Silver LoveLoop Necklace with blackened engravingSilver LoveLoop Necklace with gold fill engravingSilver LoveLoop Necklace with blackened engraving LoveArt option


Default LoveArt positioning:

  • A single symbol will be placed directly after the name
  • Two symbols will be placed to either side of the name
  • Multiple symbols will be evenly spaced between multiple name
  • If we’re unsure we’ll contact you

If you'd prefer different positioning, or your layout is not specified above, please tell us where you'd like your LoveArt in the "Special Requests" box at the bottom of the LoveLoops personalisation form when placing your order.