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It is the biggest milestone in my life to date. Entering motherhood. And it has been no small feat. Nine, long months of pregnancy. Enduring hour after hour of labour. Bringing an amazing small human earth side. And that was only just the beginning.

As most soon to be Mums do, I tried to prepare myself as much as I could for this new life journey. I asked for advice. I did web search after web search. And purchased baby and parenting magazines. I wouldn’t call myself materialistic, but going through my pregnancy, I always knew I wanted something special to signify this milestone and to forever remind me of the day my life as a mother began. I wanted something more significant than the latest designer nappy bag that my babe would only just sick milk over. I wanted something more perpetual than a beautiful bunch of fresh blooms. I desired something eternal.

It was whilst flicking through one of those parenting magazines that I came across LoveLoops. A classically designed piece of jewellery that was able to be personalised and hold a sentimental touch. I instantly fell in love and knew a LoveLoops piece was exactly what I had been hoping to find to represent the day I became “Mum”.

I made sure my lovely man was subtly hinted at that I would quite like one of these after our beautiful babe was born. And well, it must have worked. Because a month after our handsome son Cullan was born, I received my LoveLoop. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a “Push Present”, it was much more sentimental than that. I’m not generally concerned by material values. It was more a gift of appreciation from my other half to say, thank you. Thank you for this new person we created together.

A year after having my own LoveLoop I decided the LoveLoops love needed to be shared. We ordered another LoveLoop, this time for Cullan’s Grandma (my own Mother). You see your parents with new eyes once you become a parent yourself. Seeing the bond Cullan and my mother share is so warming. We wanted her to have something special to represent that bond and love they share, a LoveLoop being the perfect thing. We kept the personal engraving simple and to the point - Grandma (heart) Cullan.

To me, my LoveLoop is an heirloom piece. I want to pass it on to Cullan and, if he so decides, his family too. The LoveLoops design is simplistic, made to exceptional quality and I truly see it being passed into his next generation. Almost 4 years on since I received my LoveLoops, and I still love it as much as, if not more than, the day I got it. My sons name now adorns me right by my heart each and every day.

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