What happens when you place an order with LoveLoops?

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Let me talk you through the process of what happens once you have completed your order online.

Firstly, I receive a notification on my phone from Shopify as soon you have completed checkout, this is when I do a little dance and say a wee thank you for your order!  Next, I receive an email confirming your order details.  Around this time, you also receive an email confirming your order.

When your order is received the first thing I do is check that the engraving details are clear, if there is anything I am unsure of I contact you via mobile or email.  We have made sure the personalisation options are as easy as possible to fill in so it’s not very often I would need to get in contact.

Once I am happy that everything looks great I send you an email with an approximate dispatch date.  The dispatch date is usually within 1-7 days for LoveHearts or around 7-10 working days for Loops.  I hold a stock of silver LoveHearts with initials and symbols so I can get these ones out immediately.

Next up is getting your order ready for the engraver, I print out your order and highlight the engraving, placing of lettering and the size of loop, this needs to be crystal clear as we cannot make any spelling mistakes!  Mistakes are as rare as hen’s teeth as the engravers go through four checks before they make the template ready for the master hand engraver to do his work.  Occasionally we have Dad’s putting incorrect children’s birthdates which is such a shame as there is no way to fix this, a new loop needs to be made.  Once the loops and hearts are engraved they are blackened or left plain.  If you are having the 18ct gold fill they need to go to the Goldsmith for this finishing touch, my goldsmith also polishes the loops and adds the links.

My engraver and goldsmith are both based in the South Island and I am based in the North Island so my orders are emailed through twice a week.  Once the engravers and goldsmiths have finished making your beautiful LoveLoops they go through quality checks before they are sent back to me by overnight courier. Once I have them I also quality check the loops to make sure they are 100% perfect in every way.

Then it’s the fun part, I add your chain and package your LoveLoops in our gorgeous jewellery boxes, white boxes with gold logo for gold LoveLoops and black boxes with silver logo for sterling silver.

I love taking photos of your jewellery and I enjoy trying to come up with different backdrops, more often than not against a beautiful flower or an outdoor scene.  I live in a rural area so I have a lot of inspiration and fun creating the shots.  What do you think would be a good back drop for LoveLoops?

The last step is couriering your LoveLoops with the overnight courier, you receive an email to say they are on their way with the tracking number. Then you excitedly wait for the postie to deliver your gorgeous new LoveLoops so you can show them off to all of your friends and family!!






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