What my kids want for Christmas ... & what they're actually getting!

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Don't you love it when your imaginative little darlings think up the most impossible things to add to their Christmas lists? The other night I sat patiently helping my five year old daughter with her spelling as she composed her first ever personally written letter to Santa: "Dear Santa, I want a big big BIG mermaid (as big as the lounge) with surprises in it. All kinds of surprises inside of her. And magical surprises. And also a little mermaid, with magical surprises too." 

I think maybe I used to be that Mum that would have gone searching far and wide for a "big big BIG" magical-surprises mermaid for under the tree, but with three busy children, as well as a household and a business to run, those days are G O N E ! Santa will be writing a note explaining that mermaids that big are a health and safety hazard on his sleigh, and that he hopes she likes this other stuff her got her instead :)

Here's a list of some of the things on my Christmas List for the kids. Go-To brands that I love and some other fun ideas.


You just can't go wrong with Lego! Hours of fun for the whole family that they come back to time after time. A worthwhile investment.







Seedling make "Imaginative kits and toys that help bring kids' ideas to life". NZ designed and made there's lots to choose from and it's always easy to find something that you know your child will love, as well as being age appropriate. 


If you have a little boy like mine you know that anything from any of these brands will be an immediate hit.





It's always great to include some clothing with your kids gifts. They'll be just as excited as you are to receive anything from Radicool Kids! Another fantastic Kiwi brand if you haven't heard of them then check out their website.




What is it about these little creatures? My girls love them and because they're collectable they're a cute and popular addition under the tree.
One of the advantages of a southern hemisphere Christmas. Water guns, paddling pools, slip-n-slides all make for awesome outdoor family fun and summer memories. 


Anything Creative or Crafty

My girls are five and seven so they love anything along these lines. The boy, however, is 20 months, so we'll be needing to keep these activities out of his reach!














We're loving the 13 Story Treehouse (Andy Griffiths) series at our place at the moment. Great for reading out loud with your kids aged from about five or six. We've also been reading a bit of Roald Dahl, and I can't wait until the kids become interested in Harry Potter! There are now beautiful hard cover illustrated editions of the Harry Potter books available, perfect for introducing your kids to the wonder and magic of Wizards and Hogwarts!



Good luck with your Christmas shopping, I hope you've found some inspiration here! Let me know what your gifting go-tos are ...and, ah, if anyone does find a big big BIG mermaid full of magical surprises, drop me a line!
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