Square white gold link
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Square White Gold Link

The Square Link has been specially designed by LoveLoops to hold up to three of our beautiful LoveLoops together. We Love the classy angled-square shape! For best effect, you will want at least two LoveLoops on this Link, as it looks a little bulky holding a single LoveLoop. Solid 9 carat White Gold.

If you want to add or remove LoveLoops from this link at a later date we can easily do this for you.

See our Size Guide to help you choose your Link.

Please note the LoveLoops and Chains are not included and are available for purchase separately.

Personalise your Link

Choose from a range of custom options to personalise your LoveLoops and make them as unique as you are. Costs for any add on options are in NZ$ and will be applied in your selected currency in the cart.
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