Top 4 LoveLoops Gift Ideas for Mums of Four

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Mums of four, you're going to Love this post as it's just for you! Learn all about the best options for you to create your very own LoveLoops pendant!

1. Adore Necklace Set / From NZ$289
This best selling set is made up of one of our larger LoveLoops, our Oval Link, and a LoveLoops chain. Engrave all four names of your children around the Loop, birth dates can be added on the back! We have space for up to 35 characters (including spaces) so you shouldn't have any trouble fitting on your four special names. This example features our 18ct gold engraving which is available with any LoveLoop. Adore also available in solid yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.
2. Cherish Necklace Set / From NZ$349
A simple set perfect for every day wear, made up of two LoveLoops and a LoveLoops chain. Engrave the name and date of birth of one of your four little ones on each side/face of each LoveLoop! This set has lots of potential for adding more LoveLoops as you go. Use Loops of the same or different sizing. Also available in Silver with Gold Engraving, solid Yellow GoldWhite Gold and Rose Gold.

3. Sparkle Necklace Set / From NZ$839
Sparkle is made up of our four larger LoveLoops (Large, Medium, Little & Mini), our Large Link, and a heavy LoveLoops chain. Engrave the name and birthdate of one of your children on each LoveLoop, add hearts or stars or personalise in any way you desire! Also available in Silver with Gold Engraving, solid Yellow GoldWhite Gold and Rose GoldThis link will hold a fifth (Petite) LoveLoop, if you add #5 to the family! 

4. Allure Necklace Set / From NZ$649
Allure is simply a collection of four LoveLoops in any combination of our five sizes, worn on a heavy LoveLoops chain. There are many Loop sizing options/combinations, but we like how this looks when the smaller sizes are used - Mini or Petite - and all the same size. Whatever you choose, your LoveLoops will be gorgeous with the names of your children engraved forever upon them. If you're planning to add to your family, simply purchase additional LoveLoops to add to your chain. Pictured below in a mixture of solid 9 carat yellow, rose and white gold. Also available in Silver and Silver with Gold Engraving.

Hope you found this useful!
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